AGE: 30, Aries

BORN, RAISED & TAUGHT: I was born in Marblehead, MA. on Feb. 2nd, 1969 and we moved out here to California when I was three. We moved to Agoura, CA., a little town just north of L.A., it had a huge skatepark called Aloha SkateTown. From a very early age, about five, I was exposed to skating from the skatepark, my brother and his freinds. We also had this old zoo that closed down in our town. We called it JungleLand, it had all these crazy bowls & stuff to skate. The seal bowl, the gorilla bowl, the flomingo ponds, the bird baths & the dolphin tank.

CURRENT RESIDENCE: Wherever I can afford it in North County San Diego. Right now I’m in Carlsbad.

FAVORITE TOOLS: Nowadays I ride the Gravity B40 as my main board for serious skating. If I'm just cruising to the store, checkin’ the surf or getting’ the mail I like to ride something long & cruisy like a Hyper-Carve. For hills and banks, I prefer something like the Concave Carve or Mini-Carve. As far as wheels, I like a 60-66mm 95a-97a wheel for parks and pools and something bigger and softer for much rougher stuff like streets, banks, and hills. For trucks, I run Tracker and Randal trucks.

INFLUENCES: Jay Adams, Stacey Peralta, Eddie Elguera, Steve Olsen, Shogo Kubo, Brad Stradland, Brad Bowman, Alan Gelfand, Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Nautas Kaupas, surfing, Jay Smith, Ed Economy, Buttons, Bertleman, Curren, Tom Sims, Tom Morey, Eric Dressen, Jason Jesse, Tony Magnussen, Jeff Phillips, Omar, Rune, Bucky, Renton, Brian Howard, Alan Peterson, BobB, TonyT, D.Way & many more like all my homies & then some too like, probably you.

COMPETITIONS: I competed from 1979-1981, for my local skatepark team. We got to travel to all the great parks of the early, glory days and skate against other skatepark teams. After a 12 year surfing hiatus I won a couple of events at the first Kona Longboard Championships. The following is what that win sparked.

1st Kona 2000 Banked Slalom
1st Albequerque Longest Grind contest
1st "Best Style" Skatelab Deathbox Race
1st Kona 2000 Expression Session
1st Kona 2001 Bordercross
1st Guinness World Record Wallride
2nd Deathbox Deathrace 2002
2nd Red Bull Slalom Triple Threat
3rd Kona 2000 Overall
3rd Kona 2001 Pool Jam
3rd 2001 La Costa Open
3rd 2002 Kona Summer Nationals
3rd 2004 Clairemont Y Old Man Bowl Jam
4th 2002 Strawberry Bowl Jam
5th Albequerque Banked Slalom
7th 2003 Spring Basic Bowl BBQ

MTV SoCal Summer aired on MTV
Concrete Wave on Outdoor Life Network
StokedTV on Japanese Television
BluetorchTv on ESPN2
Limp BizKut Video "Break Stuff" aired on multiple music channels
AdrenalinaTV on Telemundo
Modern Marvels on the History Channel

Team Travels
This is Not Skateboarding
Thrashin' Extras
Rollin' 50’s
Flow like Water

FAVORITES: Family, Freinds, Concrete, Skating in Chaos, new concrete P\parks, old concrete parks Fullpipes, Surfin’ if it’s goin’ off real deal, the female body, Snowboarding big stuff, mountain biking, working with metals & woods, watching / learning golf, 3d modeling software, good herbs, the northwest, earning a beer, Music.

SKATE SCENES I ENJOY: The whole NorthWest, Encinitas Y, Kona SkatePark Florida, Washington st, New Mexico, NorCal, Landsdowne Md, Nor Cal, Japan, New Zealand & Spain.

SPONSORS, SUPPORT & PROPS: I've been riding for the Gravity Factory Team for about 8 years, they definitely take care of me. I get "flow" from Tracker Trucks,, Osiris, Oust Bearings, Crooks Rails, Cobian Footwear & Randal Trucks. Thanx to ‘em all too.

SIZES: Shirts - Med / Large
Waist - 30
Shoes – 8.5

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